Almost every organisation will experience challenges, especially when attempting to make sense of the many opportunities that technology promises. You are not alone. No Consultant knows everything, and no Consultant knows your business like you do.

The most successful business technology partnerships come from process and regular communication between subject matter experts (on all sides).

If we don’t think we can help we will tell you. We are pragmatists that recognise that not everything is improved with technology.

You should think of us as a source of specialists you can draw from at short notice with skills that your organisation would not ordinarily have.

All that is required is the identification of a need. We would even assist you with a definition of that need. We are available at any stage.

Our definition of Management Consulting is building a comfortable relationship with you and your management team to assist with the identification of areas for improvement in your organisation and the planning and execution of improvements activities.

Business Analysis

Business analysis inside technology groups is a discipline of business needs identification and the determination of non technical solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software or systems component, but may also consist of process improvement, organisational change or policy development.

Although there are different role definitions Business Analysts will generally follow the following work practices:

• Investigate business processes and systems, taking a holistic view of the situation.

• Evaluate actions to improve the operation of a business system or process.

• Document business requirements and make recommendations for improvement.

Project Management

We recommend that our clients apply project management principles to all aspect of their ICT function in order to manage the unusually high frequency of change in ICT. Almost as soon as a piece of technology is rolled out there is the need to preform upgrades or evaluations. Project management allows us to comprehend long and complex bodies of work and arrange them into simple work packages to monitor their progress.

We would be less likely to suggest that your business adopt a specific project management standard as we ourselves believe that the various methodologies represent only a guideline in which to operate during specific periods. We will upon engagement of a Project Manager (for your business) discuss with you the methodology and the level to which we jointly agree it should be used.

We are available at anytime during project phases for assistance or oversight.

Every Consultant we will ever send you will have project management accreditation.

Should you engage us our role will be to support and nurture the people and the project from the very beginning of the project until the end, and deliver the project not only in the scope, time and cost but also with complete customer satisfaction.

The most successful business projects are typically driven by someone on the client side who has the authority, vision and influence to drive the required changes.

Project leadership requires significant experience and skills which are not typically found within an organisation focused on day-to-day operations. Due to this requirement within more significant business change projects/programs, outside expertise is best sought from organisations which can bring this specific skill set to the company.

Strategic Consulting

All organisations should have at least one high level organisational strategy document, no matter how big or small or delicate the situation. They need only to identify one or two high level aspirational objectives and contain some proposed methods to achieve them. At the lowest level they give employees and partners confidence in your management, and at the higher level confidence to your board or investors. We can help you or indeed write for you an ICT Strategic Statement with or without the presence of an organisational wide strategy to reference. We need only interview key stakeholders and personnel and hold a single workshop with you or your team to produce a six-page Strategic Statement that you can reference for up to five years of funding and general decision making. We have expertise in producing ICT strategies for:

• Cloud
• Service Delivery
• Enterprise Applications
• Data Quality
• Information Management
• Mobile and Web

Enterprise and Solution Architecture

  Solution Architects are responsible for translating the requirements created by business analysts into the technical architecture for the system or software solution and describing it through the set of architecture and design briefs for technical consultant or developers.

Enterprise Architects own the process of defining the over arching architecture of all business systems often involving the selection and use of the most appropriate technology platforms for the organisation.

Far too frequently these roles are positioned within the software vendor making the recommendations far too often skewed towards the vendor’s best interest, rather than the clients. As these roles are not required full time and often command high pay scales they are best sourced when required from organisation like ourselves. Total independence.

Restructure Assistance & Skills Audits

Due to Australia’s particular Acts and Regulations a great deal of risk can be mitigated using a third party to preform: • ICT resourcing requirements
• Operational Efficiency Assessments • Skills Audits • Restructures

We possess expertise preforming these activities for small to large organisations wanting evidence that their ICT department is purpose built to meet the organisations needs and deliver value. As ICT staff salaries are typically high and their workings are often less understood this historically represents an opportunity find some not inconsiderable operational savings.